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Troy Davis Execution Story Discussion- Should They Ban the Death Penalty?

Troy Davis Execution Story Discussion– Should They Ban the Death Penalty?

There is a huge controversial issue going on right now. As we already know, Troy Davis was killed 9/21/2011 at 11:08 pm EST by lethal ejection, because of a crime he did not commit. He stayed true to his innocence.

According to,
Saturday, August 19, 1989, 27 year old Police Officer, Mark Allen MacPhail,
lost his life in a senseless, brutal murder and Troy Davis was the young man
who supposedly did it.

No murder weapon was found and there is no DNA or any
other physical evidence linking Troy Davis to the murder or to an earlier shoot
out that night which injured another young man Michael Cooper. Davis had been
around with his friend D.D. Collins, and reportedly saw Coles intimidating
Larry Young, and tried to reason with Coles, but left when Cole threatened him
and asked him to leave. Davis’s conviction came because of the testimony of
nine so called eye witnesses. Leading the eye witness Parade was Sylvester
“Redd” Coles. Coles has been described by many who know him as a fearsome
neighborhood thug . Other eye witnesses were either those who claimed to be
present at the shooting or near the crime scene and those who claimed Troy had
confessed to them that he had killed Mark MacPhail. What came to light soon
after was the fact that Sylvester Coles supposedly had a similar .38 caliber
gun, which had killed the police officer. Affidavits submitted much later from
3 people who did not testify at the Davis trial also claim that Coles,
confessed to killing the officer after Davis was convicted.

Patrick Rodgers writes in
his article that in a discussion with Davis’s current lawyer Jason Ewart, “At
some point there was an ‘Oh No!’ moment, when the police discovered that the
person who may have fingered Davis had a caliber gun that had killed Officer
MacPhail the night of the shooting, [something] that was withheld from them [by
Coles],” but that “At that point, it was too late: Davis was the suspect. To go
back and investigate someone else would have been politically tough to do…and
there was no investigating any other suspect. There was no [police]
questioning; there was no searching for the murder weapon; there was no searching
anyone else’s house. His picture was the only one they showed in a photographic
line up.”

To me, it’s really funny how I just read a similar story, except the guy was white and they had all the evidence to prove it and he admitted he did it, but somehow he was taken off deathrow 11 hours before his death. Crazy! We have to talk about this issue with race and judicial system. It is clear that raccsim still lives in America.

Let’s talk about Troy Davis Execution story 9/23/11 @1am est.

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