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Shoes For Liberia Project- The Tarkuz Zonen Foundation

Helping other’s less fortunate than you are is a great thing, especially if you have nothing to.

It is clearly stated that the Tarkus Zonen Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of Liberians one shoe at a time. Through the “SHOES FOR LIBERIA” project, they are personally involved in enhancing the physical, emotional and social well-being of Liberians in need of foot wear. A not-for-profit organization, The Tarkus Zonen Foundation was created to transform donations into miracles.

Not only does this entrepreneur throw the HOTTEST parties, but he also has a heart and a passion for helping others. Now, this is the type of person I’d want to meet or deal with on a business level. Wouldn’t you? I do!

All shoes donated to the project are taking to Liberia and distributed to deserving people in villages, under privileged communities.

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Tarkus Zonen

Tarkuz Zonen Interview

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