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Sean P of Young Bloodz Interview


Heyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Man, the show today is going to be fun and interesting, and If you didn’t know, well now you know…. Sean P. the other half of YoungBloods is chillin with me your girl saytue sayewhat, so you def wanna tune in till the end of the show.

In case you don’t know, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the topic for today is on entertanment doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soly based on the entertanment niche, with that said, if you love southern rap as much as i do, then keep it locks right here on mixture of arts., so that you can chat live with Sean P by chimming in at 818-572-8026. Hit me up on fb at “mixture of arts with saytrue saye” and Twitter @MixtureOf Arts.

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Heyy wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Okayyyy,

Now, 1999 and 2000 were some of the best years of southern rap, and it’s no exception when it comes to the rap group Youngbloodz. You know, how we do it U-Waaay, and ridern dirty on 85 strait caddilac pimpin. It’s true, this was the era when Atlana was Atlanta…. everythang classic.

It’s 2013 and things are alright, but I”m curious to know what in the word Sean P, been doing since he became solo. Of course he’s been featured on a lot of other songs with Kelly rowland, lil jon, … amongs others, but I’m sure he has some up and coming projects…. that being said,  Everyone I want to welcome Sean p. to the show…. Sean, how are you thank you so much for being on the show.


1. OmG! Sean, where you been hiding out?

2.  What comes through your head when listening to your old songs?

3. Do you feel like southern rap has downgraded over the years?

4. Name one rapper that you can think of that you believe is like you?

5. Okayy, back to business, You work with Homrun, right? what is Homerum and what is it about?

6. When it comes to management, what is one thing you feel it needs to make an artist the best they can be?

7. I heard that you and J bo met at Miller Grove Middle? (that’s crazy, I went to Stone Mountain Mountain Middle)…lol. Okay, so is that how ya’ll became a group?

8. Who are some of favorite artis you’ve worked with up to date?

Aiight, kool. I want to go and take a fast commerical breal with this new track from Sean P. Sean , go head and introduce it to the people.


9. I heard you’re working on a mixtape. Can you give a lil bit more info on it?

10. Any tours?

11. Beside music, what do sean like to do during his sp[are time?

12. What’s your favorite color?

13. Just curious, whats the first thing on a female you look for?

14. contact info….

Listen to the entire show at

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