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A Saytue SayeWhatExclusive- Congrats to Ant Da Man on His Accomplishment!

Two months ago in June 2011, Ant Da Man graduated from Metropolitan College, located in SW Atlanta, majoring in Business. Celebrating his huge accomplishment, I was invited to his graduation party.

While in college and before his college years, And Da Man aka Anthony Matthews always been producing and spittin rhymes. And being that I totally support what he does, because he is extremely talented in what he does, I decided to create a Saytue SayeWhat Exclusive video.

Having no idea on how his talent runs through his blood, I also had the opportunity of getting a few more clips than expected from his cousins Malcolm and Maltrop.

Check it!

Contact Ant Da Man at for beats,calaberation, or studio time. Find him on Facebook.

My first time ever giving a video news update (EOTM Radio with Saytue Sayewhat)

Hey ya’ll,

Check out Saytue Sayewhat first time ever video news. I was very nervous, but I think it came out great for practice.

Please tell me your thoughts:-) Hopefully I’d be a t.v host one day

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