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Should Trump Run president & 2012 Presidential Candidates on Mixture of Arts

I listened yesterday on CNN that Donad Trump is running for president? So, why is the government trying to get Donald Trump to run for the 2012 president election.One thing for suret They want us to vote on this issue.

Certainty, voting on whether or not Trump should run for president is kind or Wyrd. I mean, for real though, what is the govermnent trying to prove here? For one, Donald Trump can most likely buy his way into winning for president. And for two, they are just trying their hardest to get Barack Obama out of office. I’m just saying.

It is not like I don’t like Donald Trump. I mean, he is one of the richest man in the world. How can I not like him? But, my thing is this, Trump know noting about being president. his niche is in real estate. I just don’t know why these people think that Trump winning the election is going to death all this war and confusion in the United States of America. It is sluttish to destroy, but it is not so harder to repair damages that has killed over billions of people in the world.

The United States is all about brain washing us to think that they are for us. That is why presidents like John F. Kennedy got assisinated and black leaders like Martin Luther King got assisinated. When someone trys to destroy the government with “the truth”, they get killed. I don’t know, do you think Trump run?

Everytime something happens and it is the government fault, they always try to run away by bringing war into the equation or blame the president. I don’t think Trump do you think consider being part of the government. If Trump was to run, they will probably control him like they do every other president. To all the people in the world, for ever hold your peace, do you think Trump run for president?

Tune in tonight at 1am est and find out who are the 2012 presidential candidates.

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