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5 Day Radio Challenge- Produce Your Own Radio Show

Ever wanted to produce and host your own radio show? Well, this is your chance.

Saytue Saye, Internet Radio Producer/Host of “Mixture of Arts” is looking

for 5 students majoring in Journalism or Communications to host the show with

her for 5 Days. Each day will be a new person with a new personality. Deadline

of submission is 12/01/11.

Email your short bio (250 words max), phone number, tell us why you want this

opportunity (250 words max), copy of transcripts showing proof of major, signed copy of agreement and 2

photographs. Winner will also be featured on the Official Website!

All Featured Hosts Will:

1. Write their own scripts

2. Choose which songs to air

3. Be able to add their show to their resume

4. Choose their own show topic

BONUS: A full exclusive optimized Internet Marketing Press Kit showing your work,bio,contact info,and more that will rank on the first page of Google, resulting in more traffic to your business=$$ to your business. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Are you ready to get found online? Internet Marketing at Mixture of Arts Radio drives massive traffic to any business, even without a website while positioning the business on Google’s 1st page. This smart way of marketing your business is so effective that your customers will find you, not you finding them.

Do you want to produce your own radio show and get found online? Sure you do!

Here is an example of the Optimized Internet Marketing Press Release you will receive:


Learn more about “Mixture of Arts”:

Mixture of Arts- Monday night/Tuesday morning @1am est

Listen to Mixture of Arts Shows

(Any Gender. All Background)

Good Luck!!


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