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Positive Thinking Self Esteem on Mixture Of Arts

Alright now, The Art of Positive Thinking Self Estseem on Mixture of Arts. See, when it comes to positive thinking, we are all born with it, but because we live in a world of sin, there will always be someone or something that is negative. Wether you realize it or not, all over te earth is filled with negative and positive.

So why is that? Sure thing, we can say, Adem and Eve caused it, but can we honestly say that Adem and Eve didn’t have a choice? I mean, I’m just saying. If god wanted both of them to 100% not think for themselves, then there wouldn’t be such a thing as “option” “decisions” “mind of it own”. These words wouldn’t even exsist.

So, when someone says they can’t, then you know its just a choice. But why do people say they can’t do something. Yea sometimes I life, we can’t change certain situations like, baby mommas or a death of a loved one. Yes, things obstacles can change a person, but seriously though, how can we allow tragedy and setbacks discourage us and make us think we can’t succeed in life?

You know what I think personally? Yes, tradegy messes us up for a moment, but it’s crazy to blame them on our life’s failure or personal or long term goals that are unaccomplished. Bouncing back should be natural for us. Think about all the wars we’ve fought, families that are broken, metal abuse or even physical abuse. Do you really think your life is worst in this world? I don’t know….I don’t think so.

Lets take mental abuse for instance. First of all, what is metal abuse? Mental abuse is a form of violence that affects the mind, often leaving the abused feeling worthless and lacking empowerment. Think of children in schools, kids getting bullied and even at work. What about parents that mentally abuse a child? Neither situation is better or worst, but you should def know that it creates low self esteem.

Make sure you tune in 06/14/11 at 1am as we touch on the art of positive thinking self esteem. Don’t forget, if you miss any episode, you can listen to the replay of it.

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