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Osama Bin Laden Obama- Is Bin Laden Death Real on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

The hottest national news event of the year. Osama Bin Laden Obama. It is known that  Pakistan helped the United States kill Osama Bin Laden on My 1st, 2011.

So, according to the United States government, Bin Laden was the head of the terrorist attack back on September 11, 2001. Millions of Americans around the world are celebrating the death of this Islam leader.

What if it is true that Osama Bin Laden is the cause of all this terrorist and war stuff that is going on in the world today; do you really think that the government had no way of killing him before Sunday? Honestly speaking, I am positive that the United States government could’ve killed him a long time ago, they just need more time.

Time for what though?

Think about for a minute. Why is that when it comes to certain issues, the government swear up and down that they can not do anything the solve the problem, but when it comes to saving themselves or to hide something, all of a sudden, “America has power”.

Do not get me wrong, it is not the president’s fault, to me, he is just another person that is trapped in the scandel of the secret society that ultimately controls the world. Because, I don’t feel like Obama would intentionally lie to the world or hide anything matter fact. And if you ever read Robert Green, “48 Laws of Power”, then you will clearly see and understand the fundamental of gaining power over someone or the world.

I am definitely not into politics, but certain issues are just plain to see. I thought at once the govermnent or news was real, until I experienced the death of my older sister. When my sister got murdered back in 2004, some of the things that were said on the news were totally not true. I then realized that news stuff is just like any other “promotional tool” and they really just tell you stuff that you want to hear and keep the truth slanted.

I will not be amazed if we find out a few months from now that there is something more to the death of Osama Bin Laden. You see, the government is just like mob or gang, except they are of higher power because of their position. So, even if Pakistan helped United States kill Osama Bin Laden, there had to be a reason other than what we do not know.

Americans all over the world are celebrating the death of Bin Laden. Do you think Pakistan helped United States kill Osama Bin Laden for a more deeper reason than what the public eye can see? Do you think Bind Laden is dead for real?

On Tuesday April 3rd, 2011, Mixture of Arts will chop up this current news event of Osama Bin Laden Obama!

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