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Obama Bullying Speech and Obama Anti Bullying Campaign

Have you heard the Obama Bullying Speech yet? Recently, he talks about bullying at a conference in the White House along with school officials and parents. The Obama anti bullying campaign launched at the beginning of the week and invited Facebook to join on March 10 2011 for a special anti bullying summit in Washington, DC and tweet #StopBullyingNow as part of the campaign.

Barack also encourages everyone to participate by logging on to, it has a lot of resources for preventing bullying.

All the parents of the victims of bullycide will have their testimonies.

He says, “As adults, we can lose sight of how hard it can be sometimes to be a kid, it’s easy for us to forget what it’s like to be teased or bullied, but it’s also easy to forget the natural compassion and the sense of decency that our children display each and every day when they’re given a chance.”

On Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye, we will be discussing Obama bullying speech and Obama anti bullying campaign, also, solutions to bullying. Tune in on March 15, 2011 at 1am est.

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