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Black History Facts and Black History Month 2011


Black History Month 2011 -Black History Facts,Speeches & Black History of a Color on Mixture of Arts

It’s black history month 2011. And it’s about time to retrospect on black history facts, black history speeches by important black people. Join us as we take a look at the black history of a color. 718-664-6543 at 1am est….02/03 Don’t forget to download this episode free on itunes Some fun black history facts are:

  • Tyra Banks was the first African-American woman on the covers of GQ magazine and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.
  • African-American surgeon Charles R. Drew is often credited with the invention of the first large-scale blood bank.
  • African-American mechanical engineer, David Crosthwait, Jr. created the heating systems for the Rockefeller Center and New York’s Radio City Music Hall.
  • In 1899, African-American golf fan Dr. George Franklin Grant received a patent for the world’s first golf tee. Grant, however, never marketed his invention, instead giving the tees away to friends and fellow golfers.
  • Dr. Maulana Karenga created the African-American holiday, Kwanzaa, in 1966.
  • African-American inventor Garrett Augustus Morgan created the gas mask—then became renowned for using his mask to save workers trapped in a toxic fume-filled tunnel.

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