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Beyonce vs. Kelly Rowland at the 2011 BET Awards

So, as I am writing this article, I am assuming that you watched the 2011 BET Awards. I really want to know your thoughts on the unstoppable woman- Beyonce and the ordinary chick- Kelly Rowland. See, after watching both of these talented young women perform, I have to say that Kelly Roland’s performance was better than Beyonce. #straitup
One thing I have to say about Beyonce is that, she is a real good performer and artist, but honestly, people act like she is just unstoppable and no one can compete. Do not get me wrong, she can sing and put up a great show, but honestly speaking, no one can actually say that Beyonce’s performance at the 2011 BET awards was better than Kelly Rowland.

Let me tell you exactly what I saw. Ok, we are all known to see Beyonce rock that body of hers, yes it is true, but I bet one thing that a lot of people do not realize is that Beyonce’s dance moves are strickly from Africa. No doubts about it. I mean, #I’justsaying, seem like all her dances come strait from the motherland. Yea I know, all dances come from Africa, but you can clearly see it in her’s though. And honestly speaking, that’s why other dancers can’t compete with her on that level. I am not saying it’s a bad thing that a real African is teaching her those awesome moves, but at least give out the credit.

Like my cousin Adem said, “Yea ever since I saw who run the world video…now everything she do Is AFRICAN..but it always been that way..they wanna be US”.

I’m sorry to say it, but I agree with her totally. This is not to say that I don’t like her just because her dance moves are raw African dance moves. All I’m saying is that, people need to open up their eyes and see what the real deal is and also, at least give Africans some credit.

Despite Beyonce’s normal African dance, she still sounded great.
Now, when it comes to Kelly Rowland, she normally doesn’t even come close to Beyonce, but tonight, at the 2011 BET Awards, she really showed us (world) a different side of her that nobody expected to see. Her performance with Trey Songz was so elegant and sexy, I promise you for a quick second, I truly did not know who she was. She killed it! And what I love about her performance was that she kinda hid her face with a big black hat and that made it even more seductive and when she and Trey Songz were acting sexual…..OMG, that just blew me. Every move was on point. Plus, she sounded awesome! I’m 100% sure that nobody expected her performance to be “WOW”.

See, Beyonce is a great artist, but she is way overrated. All the stuff that we see her do, we see it all the time. Kelly Rowland came out with something unexpected plus more, and to me, Kelly Rowland most definitely killed Beyonce.

What are ya’ll thoughts? I want to know.

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