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How to lick the icing off and eat pussy like a player- cunnillingus tips

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lick the icing off

Now, before I get into all that , if you’ve heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the show tonight is on romance, does not mean that all of mixture of arts shows are solely based on romantic issues. With that said, if you love pleasing your woman and giving head, then you should definitely stay tune till the end of the show.

Which 2 definition would you rather be? Let’s see…….

Cunnillingus- Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.


Erotic stimulation of the female external genitalia with the partner’s tongue and lips as part of love play, which may induce orgasm.

I hope you don’t pick number 1, coz if you  did that means you do need some help on giving Now we know that cunnlingus is oral sex to a woman, right? And we also know that falliashio is oral sex to a man, right? Kool. Now, one question that most guys ask is this.

Does it really give pleasure to yourself or your partner only?

First and formost, I want to say that, it better be pleasurable to you, because honestly, if it’s not and you’re just doing it just to be doing it or because your wife or girl ask you to or because you feel like you have to, then, I’m sorry, you will tend not to do your best at pleasing your woman making sure she has an orgasm. The more excited you are, you will do better and she will know it, then she will get super wet knowing that you’re excited and you thrive on pleasing her. Trust me, there is nothing more annoying and boring to know that your partner is not doing their best at pleasing you or looking at their face expression like, “ugh, I wish she would cum already”, It’s not gonna work. Period.

I’ma keep it real with you. women are much more likely to orgasm from cunnilingus than they are from conventional sex; so if you want to be an awesome lover, then it is definitely a skill worth learning. See, whenever you’re about to eat her pussy, that don’t mean literally eat it, bit it, cheat it aiight. And it doesn’t mean rush in and and you’re done. You have to give her some type of anticipation and suspence. Stall if you have to until you know she ready for your tongue.

You could start by kissing her, then kiss her neck gently while sucking on it lightly, at the same time, you’re rubbing on her thighs or have your hands up her blouse caressing her body softly, but not too soft. After that you’ll be working on moving your head down toward her breast. Fellas women love getting their nipple sucked, licked, and nibbled on. The way you know she’s getting horny is when her nipples are extra hard. Now, once you’ve accomplished that, then you gon e keep moving down to her actual waist. Kiss her stomach, down her love trail, now here’s the trick, do not, and I mean, do not, decided to put your tongue down there yet. You wanna make sure she wet and ready aiight. So, what you gon do is this,only if she is wet enough, if she still dry, don’t do this., because you don’t wanna hurt the pussy, you wanna make it feel good. So, either gentlyyour index and your middle finger in her vagina, curl them up while bring back and forth, while you’re still kissing or caressing her. Pay attention to the signs tho, because some girls vagina are tight and may find 2 fingers uncomfortable. After you do that ,play with her clit by rubbing on her vagina. Next, kiss her clitoris while still rubbing her lips, no, not her moth lips, her vagina lips or labia. Then switch and kiss lips and rub her cliterus. I’m telling you, when you do it right, she gon be ready and ultimately she will tell you to eat it. Second thing you could do is simply lick her vagina from the outside,. Pretend like you’re eating a chocolate vaninla icecream and its on a cone. Ok. Start from the outside and work your way in. that’s all. But do it gently and with order. For a better experience,  do’em all hell. lol

(turn to Egypt starr)

Things not to do

No biting- def not chewing or biting. You can nibble on it, but just be extra careful not to bit it.

No drooling- make sure you’re not the one slobbering on it. Her wetness should be more than your spit, ok.

No pounding with your fingers- this hurts the vagina ok.

Things to do

Licking- just pretend like its your fav ice cream. Lick it with passion.

Sucking- you want to be sucking some juicy vagina, alright. If don’t suck a lot of juice at least once, then you ‘re not doing your job. Make sure your tong is in the middle of her vagina too or inside of it while you do it.

Flickering- flickering is basically moving your tongue back and fourth. You want to do this kinda  wanna do this when she does it to the head of your penis. The best place to do it, personally, is the clit.

Nodding-  this is when your mouth and chin is rubbing against her vagina up and down. Some guys do this to smell it or simply that’s how they get turned on, by the smell. So ladies, please make sure your vagina is clean and free of stanking oders, ok.

Nibbling- this is not biting. Simply sucking and using your tongue to nibble on her lips.

Kissing- kiss her vagina like you would passionately kiss her mouth. Slow and gently and with emotions. Talk to it, tell it how much you love it, stuff like that.

Fingering- now you know about fingering, so to need to explain.

Listen- yes, listening is very important when giving oral sex. You want to make sureyou’re listening to what she says and act upon it. Body motion is very important. When a girl opens her legs wider, grab s onto the bed spreds firm, or pushes her waist up doing the worm while moaning and calling your name or saying she loves, then yea, you definitely on point.

Tips on Giving Falashio – Mixture of Arts Exclusive

O, wow! I can’t believe Saytue Sayewhat just asked me that?
Truthfully, I’m about to give you the real deal, because to many women and men don’t know how to properly give falashio. In this article, I will explain to you the fundlementals of giving head and how to really give falashio to the person you love, so that they’ll always beg for more and do the same in return.
What is falashio?
Falasio is the proper term for Oral sex, head, goin’ down. Yea, as a teenager many of us probably denied the fact that we will give head or even talk about females in our age group that gave head. But, when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I don’t care who you are. Every grown woman and man have tried giving falashio, does give falashio, wants to give the best falashio to the person they’re with.
Sadly, not everbody knows how to give bomb ass head. If you’re one of the few, then I have some news for you. Today, right here, right now, I’m going to teach you how to give some good head in return of getting the best head you’ve ever gotten in your life. Trust me when I say, that I’ve experience some good head and every woman/man that are good head givers experience this too…… Often.
 The Right Attitude:
Sorry to tell you, but attitude is everything. I don’t know what person hates giving head, but there’s nothing more annoying and a complete turn off when a person giving head is not into it.
It’s pretty obious when the person giving the head is not into it either, so here are some tips on a better attitude towards giving a blowjob or doing cunnillingus.
1. Do it real slow and passionate like your kissing
2. Make sure you move your head the way you move your head when you’re passionately kissing someone
3. Pretend like your kissing
I’m telling you, when you do practice these things in real life, you will make your partner love you more. And to be real with you, in your partner’s point of view, knowing that you enjoy giving head is the best feeling in the world. That will really put’em in paradise.
The Position:
Position is everything while having sexual intercourse and giving head is no different. Ladies, you know how men get crazy when they see a phat ass? Well, give him something to look at while giving him head and I promise you, the orgasm will be overwhelming.
1. With him lying on his back, sit on his abset with your back facing him and give it to him. If you’re doing it right, he will ultimately start playing with your clit and might even say fuck it and start giving you head, because it’s right in his face.

As a woman, I know that we are emotional creatures and it’s almost mandatory to have foreplay as part of the sexual intercourse. Ladies, it’s important to know when to become real dirty and passionate about your intercourse, or simple dirty and passionate.
Example: the perfect time to do foreplay is when your man gets off work, because he’s tired. Sweet talking him and playing with his body with your lips, tongue, fingers will do it. Be careful however, some women talk too much during intercourse and that can ruin it.

Talk Dirty:
I understand some women are shy, but talking dirty doesn’t have to be hard as it seems. To me, all it is saying exactly what’s on your mind with confidence. Whispering in his ear is one way to do it or just look him in the eyes in a very sexual way will get him where you want him. Men to, it goes the same.
Omg, I can’t believe you just said that Saytue. Um, yea, I did. And let me tell you, if you are the type that hate to swallow because it taste nasty, there are ways to change that. You can get fruits like gwava or starwberries to give it a lil change in taste. Don’t get citrus fruits, because they sting, aight.
And if you don’t swallow because you gag, there’s a trick to it, just hold your breath and go down real slow. As you progress, you’ll get use use to it and it will become natural to you.
Every woman that sexually desire her man has to swallow at least once, but I recommend every once in a while.


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