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Home based business that gives residual income and financial independence


Whats going on everyone, thank you for tuning in to Mixture of Arts with Saytue Sayewhat! On this great segment of the show, I going to introduce to you something that is going to change your life, only if you decide to make up your mind that you are ready for a change.

My question to you is, Are you ready for a change? See, the way I see it is that you deserve every single great thing that comes your way. You are special, great, and a wonder person… so there is nothing different about you than the next person that allows them to have better things, to be free, to be debt free, or even to be able to take vacations every week. The only difference is that they made up their mind that they were sick and tired of being sick and tired. If you understand what I mean.

See, there are two types of people in this world. people that dream, and people that take action on their dream. I have to admit…I use to be that person that was always dreaming, but never taking any action. I use to be that person that always talked a good game, but couldn’t back it up. Even worst, I use to make promises and never keep them, and because I wasn’t confident in myself and my own abilities, I was afraid to succeed, therefore I shyed away from stepping outside the box. I shyed away from being the inspiring and uplifting person I am. I shyed away from my creativity and weirdness… yup, that just who I am… and you know what, I’m not afraid to admit it. You know what else, I literally allowed people tell me who I was and who I wasn’t. What I could do and what I could do. I don ‘t know your cuurent situation nore do I know you personally, but I am sure you have struggled with finding yourself at one point in your life, annnd, Idk, you may still be struggling to find yourself. One thing for sure is that finding yourself isn’t easy. It takes another frame of thought. It’s takes courage and adjustments to what you are use to. Most importantly, it will make a lot of people that do not belong in your life, step out of your life and stay out of your life. Many people will tell you that you’ve changed or even seem like you’re better than everybody else, but trust me. It’s a good sign, because without chang\”}?
, comes the same result, and you want a better, fufilling, and happy life, right?
You want make your own rules, travel when you want, spend how much you want to spend, and take care of your family right? You want to feel good about yourself and your life right? Of course you do, so I encourage you to make a decision right now that you will work on yourself and your life? Make a decision that you deserve better, so therefore you will do what’s right for you.

Let me tell you a secret. The best kept secret is not even really a secret. Matter of fact, the best way to succeed isn’t about going to school, getting a great paying job and living in a house you can barley afford. Success is about consistently growing by feeding your mind knowledge from different types of people, socializing, building relationships with people that are just like you that are willing to ride with you and build and live their dreams along with yours. Success is about being totally free from the old you that use to keep you down. See, nobody is your worst enemy but you. Regardless of how many haters you think you have or how many people that tell you that you’re worthless or that you will always be in the same position forever, nobody can ever break you away from negative thinking nor not taking action and fulfilling your dreams ——-but you. So, at the end of the day, you have the key to open doors for yourself. You are the key to building yourself up by believing in yourself when nobody else would.
See, you wake up everyday on the clock, stupid tired, then go to work having to deal with people you just don;’t like. Then you go home, and probably spend money on things like gas, food, clothes, jewlery, tvs, make up, the club and so forth…. And the funny thing about it is that you probably tell your friends about the great things you have, but yet never get paid for it.

With that being said, i want to introduce to you a way to save, manage and make money. You think you are smart, right? So, don’t you believe it is smart to make money while saving and managing it? Hmm, you are probably confused about how this is done. And you’re probably automatically thinking about that student loan, or that bank you own. Yes, I am sure you can pay them off too. Even something as small as your rent or cable bill, you can pay off. Even if if you want to take vacations and have fun at your local entertainment centers, you can get big discounts of them. What about managing your taxes from your phone? Yes, you can do that to…. Okay, I know you’re probably anxious about know how, so I’ma let Bret and Anthony explain it to you in this video.

(Play video)

You can save, manage and make money by becoming a Independent Business Owner at Wake Up Now. Wake UP Now is a financial wellness company that is based out of Utah. It doesn’t matter if you want a second choice of income, we can teach you that. Doesn’t matter if you want to start your own business and quit your job, we can do that to.

Wake Up Now offers major rewards and discounts on anything from Vacations, Groceries & Retail Stores (Walmart, BestBuy, Macy’s & more). Also, you will get 22% off on your AT&T bill and you can finally start keeping track of your gas & start receiving tax deductions on it, earning you more money back during tax season.
Earning income is simple. I could go into full detail but for now, I’ll just keep it simple. Enrolling three qualified individuals will qualify you for a commission that can cover your monthly Platinum Subscription. When your referrals enroll three qualified individuals, you earn a monthly residual of $600, not one time but monthly! That’s $100 a month for ALL these services or FREE FOREVER with just three qualified referrals!

If you want to learn more information about the compensation plan, then go to . There you will find out more about the benefits, even how to get started today!
Remember what I said about taking control of your own life. Well. Wake Up Now allows you to do that. You spend money anyway, why not get discounts for them, even get paid to shop? Not to mention, managing your money.
If you are absolutely ready to change your life, add me as a friend on fb at or go to

Motor Club Recruiters in Atlanta Seeking Agents Now

Hey wass up, Saytue here on Mixture of Arts Radio. If you reside in Atlanta ga, on this quick episode of the show, I want to introduce to you a great income opportunity. Doesn’t matter if you are a student, mom, dad, or vet…. if you are at least 18 years of age, you can start today.

This income opportunity is changing peoples lives and I want to help you out and change yours to, because you know how hard it is to find a job or work minimum wage. You know how it is. and besides, if you know me, then you know I love to help folks live better lives.
So, MCA Motor club of America offers benefits and services to the motoring public in the United States and Canada. And right now, Atlanta recruiters are recruiting Independent Agents. Before I get into how much and how to start, let me take a fast break to let you know in m ore details about what is mca and how it can benefit you in two ways.


1. way mca will benefit you is by being protected. As many times as you been locked out your house, traveling, getting hotels, being in the hospital, getting locked up, get a towing or pop a lock, there is no way you can not use mca benefits and services. And the services are unlimited, unlike other companies that only allow yo uto use their service up to 4 times per year.
2. way mca will benefit you is that you become a agent. When you become a agent, every time you refer somebody to mca, you get paid $80. this is life changing, especially if you dont have a job. you set your own hours, and you can even work offline or online.
So, if you reside in atlanta, dont hesitate to get started today by going to If you’re on facebook, join me on facebook at mixture of arts with saytue saye and ask me any questions about mca. Aiight!

Sylviane Nuccio Give Freelance Writing and Blogging Tips

Heyyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Wow, this week segment on the show is pretty darn exciting, simply because I have the one and only sylviane nuccio on with me tonight. Now, if you’re familiar with the internet marketing world and are into freelance writing then you’ve probably heard of her writing credibility. Now, if you are a person looking to get into freelance writing and need some help, well, sylviane is definitely the one to get the answers from. Shoot, I know I’m ready to learn some new things in this writing biz, we all wanna get paid right? If yes, today, you will get some tips on how to get started with freelance writing, how to find places that are hiring writers, some tips on how to become a great writer, and of course, more about Sylviane Nuccio.

Okay, in case you’ve never heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the show tonight is on writing, doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soly based on the writing niche. With that said, if you love writing and love blogging as much as I do, then you should definitely tune in to the entire show.

I am on facebook and twitter, so if you’re on facebook, join me at “Mixture of arts with saytue saye” or if you’re on twitter, follow me @mixtureOfArts and I will follow you back. Also, if you are a small business or musician that want a bio written but don’t know how to write one. I offer a creative writing and internet marketing service that will get your face found on google’s first page under any keywords you want to get ranked for. Even if you just want me to drive traffic to a certain webpage or need help with seo, I do it to. Just to, fill out the form and go on from there.

Aiigh if you wanna call in the show number is 818-572-8026, I’ma go on a fast commercial break and we’ll be right back with the show of the show.


Part 2

Heyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat holding it down on, Okay folks,  As a freelance writer, she writes about any topic under the sun, creating quality content for her clients. As a life coach, she helps people understand and use their subconscious mind to work with the law of attraction in order to improve their lives, and as a blogger she blog every week on her three blogs, , and … Everyone, I want to welcome Sylviane Nuccio to Mixture of Arts.


  1. Wow! Sylviane, first of all, I just wanna say that you’re a really a terrific writer and blogger. Can you let your listeners know how you got started?
  2. 2. Did you always want to be a writer or is it just something that grew on you?
  3. Soo, I know that you were a member of the famous internet marketing school, wealthy affiliate for 4 years, right? Okay, why them and what are some of the main key points they taught you as a freelance writer and blogger.
  4. When referring to freelance writing and blogging, are they the same thing or different?
  5. What makes a successful freelance writer and what makes a successful blogger?
  6. I know that when people first start blogging, they don’t know what to blog about. What can you say about that?
  7. I’ve heard people say that you have to write everyday to get traffic. Is that true?
  8. A lot of people are struggling  to connect with their readers, why do you think that is so and how can they start? Matter of fact, answer this too, why is it important for people to connect with their readers by speaking how they speak and thinking how they think?
  9. Do you do keyword research when you’re writing?
  10. Okay, let me switch it up a bit for a minute….I heard that you use to do plays? I still can’t believe that….lol. Can you please tell us a little bit about that?
  11. So, what made you stop doing plays?
  12. I’ve seen some of your paintings too Sylviane and I just have to say that you have multiple talents and I simply want to know, what you do with them, since you don’t sell’em.
  13. Soo, if I told you I wanted to purchase one of your paintings, would you let me? lol
  14. Would you ever consider having a website with just your paintings?
  1. Okay, back to freelance and blogging. How can those people that are interested in freelance writing find freelance writing gigs?
  2. Are there some tricks in getting hire or submitting their credentials?
  3. Do you really have to be the perfect writer to start freelance writing?
  4. Should people start a blog first and then start looking for gigs?
  5. Do you feel like reading more on this topic can help or simply practicing is what really make you better?
  6. Do you have any favorite writers or bloggers? If so, who?
  7. I understand that you have your personal writing service, what topics do you write on and how can people contact you in regard to that?

To learn more about blogging and how to start earning passive income from blogging, click here.

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What’s Your Business Plan for 2012? Just an Idea

You still have untill November 28, 2012 to take conmtrol of your life for just $1. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I can tell you that I’m blessd to be part of them. Besides, you will have the opportunity to chat live with me and I’ll give you some tips on anything you pertaining to Online Marketing. (my user name is ssknowing).

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate.

Online Marketing Course and Making Money From The Internet

Free Online Marketing Courses.
That Will Help You Make Money From The Internet With No String Attached.

Making money from the internet is not your normal 9 to 5 job,  actually it is not a job.  If you are just getting into internet marketing
I want to encourage you to stay focus and keep away from flashyness.

I know it is not easy. I’m also guilty of this. I know that it takes patience, dedication, and preseverance,
but at the end of the day, it will all fall in place.

If you want to skip all the major errors, then I encourage anybody to

On my show “Free Online Marketing Courses That Will Help You Make Money From The Internet” I want to help you make money from the internet however, tune in and take notes on 3/22/2011! 718-664-6543, because I’m giving away 2 free online marketing courses.

Note: Download this episode to itunes or podcast after the live date so that you can use it for future refrence.

click here to listen to this episode of mixture of arts


Please, if you have any internet marketing questions, I’ll be happy to answer your question.

Mad Marketing Method- Free internet Marketing Course

Hello all,

Saytue Sayewhat here. If you’ve been confused about internet marketing or dont know anything about interne marketing, well, your girl Saytue Sayewhat has put together a FREE INTERET MARKETING COURSE.

please leave your feedback:-)

Happy Marketing

Personal Public Relations & Strategic Internet Marketing Services with Saytue Saye & Carla B

Personal Public Relations & Strategic Internet Marketing Services with Saytue Saye & Carla B

Stop the madness!!!!!! Public Relations and Internet Marketing help from Saytue Saye and Carla B.

Despretly looking for a personal Public Relations & a strategic Internet Marketing Service? With the right knowledge and mentor, your business goes a long way and not to mention, your brand will get noticed and found on Google’s first page. Chime in with Saytue Saye and Carla B. at 718-664-6543 and share your comments and questions.


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