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Facebook Conversation- My Married Ex Wants to Meet For a Night?

Is this shocking to you? I bet it is. Why the hell does your ex that is married want to meet up for a night and have dinner, spoil you, and even maybe have sex with you?! I mean, that’s exactly what goes through my mind when I think of your question and statement, but mostly your question, because you’re probably confused and don’t know what to think for 1 simple reason, you still love’em and care for them, don’t you? I bet you do, and deep inside you really want to just scream and get excited about it, but wait, the other side of you is like, “why the hell is he telling me this? Why does he want to meet up? why did he marry her in the first place? Why does he want to cheat on his wife, and did he marry her for security?”

It’s so crazy to me the way I came across this topic. I was actually doing my niche keyword research for  Street Articles 30 in 30 challenge . Using Google instant, I typed in ex, than married came up. Getting kinda anxious I started with “a”, then I saw that a lot of women are searching for an answer to this question. Was I surprised? Of course I was and I still am, because it amazes me and really trips me out to know that some married men are really out here being scums and a complete ass hole trying to cheat on their wives with a ex that they completely wants to take advantage of.

If this is something you are dealing with right now, I want to give you a 6 possible reasons why your married ex wants to meet up.

  1. Because he is scum. He seems to like everything with a vagina.
  2. If he cheated on you back in the day, he wants to screw around with you just like he did behind your back. He likes his ego stroked.
  3. He thinks this would be an easy booty call for him. He figures that if you would meet with a married man then you realize that it’s NOT for a relationship, only uncommitted sex.
  4. Yes he still likes you just for sex
  5. He thinks you’d be an easy lay since he knows you loved him
  6. He’s bored with her and thinks he can have an affair with you because you may still be interested and flirty with him on FB. He also reckons you won’t tell on him because you sound like a loyal sort of person (unlike him) and when he drops you again you won’t make a fuss.

As you can see, all of these reasons are telling you that he wants to get in then drawers, so please do yourself a favor and don’t give in to this trifling ass cheating ass loser. And becausepPeople like him never change unless they get serious help, I suggest you be a good person and find a man of your own that doesn’t think you’re a dummy, that isn’t a scum bag, and that isn’t married. And don’t forget to say a prayer for his wife… poor thing. She’s in for quite a devastation… she’ll have to go through a lot of pain before she moves on from him, because I’m sure he is sleeping with tons of other women.


Some grimy shit you can do are:

  1. You need to tell him yes I would LOVE to meet up for the night THEN contact his wife secretly have her there to to help you “meet him for the night”.


  1. Meet up with him. Have a hot night in bed. While you do that, set your laptop up to record the whole thing, or a video camera. And email the footage to his wife. Then when he gets home he can deal with it.

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Creative Mixture of Topics Part 1

There are a lot of things going on in 2012, and I think you’ve already heard of a few, but the topics I’ll be mentioning tonight are my creative topics that I think might interest you.

1. As we all know, Beyonce had her duaghter Blue Ivy Carter in New York on Saturday January 7th 2012, and of course a lot of people been trying to figure out the meaning of the name Blue Ivy. Some say that Ivy indicates of the Roman nureal 4. However, according to CNN, Beyonce has said that “four” is an important number in her life, because it’s her birth date, the date of her wedding and the title of her latest album. Also, Us Weekly points out that Jay-Z has rapped about the shade being a favorite color, and a lot of folk have raised the bar between “Blue” and Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” albums. Here’s the spooky part, some say that Ivy = Illuminati’s Very Youngest Blue= Born Living Under Evil Spell It Backwards (Elub Yvi) Latin For “Lucifers Daughter”. I don’t know what ya’ll think about that, so if ya’ll wanna say something, go ahead and call in at 818-572-8026.

2. Now, the the pittburg steelers got knockout of the playoffs yesterday by the Denver broncals. The Quaterback Tim Tewbo threw for a high 316 yards and set an NFL record with 31.6 yards per completion. John 3:16 reads: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Reason why it’s incrediable is because The quarter back routinely wrote the numbers “3:16” in black under his eyes during his collegiate year. Now fans are relating it to #faith.

3. Why do men cheat with ugly females?

4. Ok, I’m going off the subject a lil bit, but, if you love to crochet and have some items that you or someone else want to swap or sell, you should definitely go to and swap, buy or sell your stuff. I must warn you that this website if fairly new. I know how some folk are when it comes to new things. My thing is this, the other big companies that u see and on were once small businesses, and someone had to try’em out. All I’m saying is that theres not a lot of websites that allow us to auction and swap our crochet stuff, think outside the box and just try it out, aiight.

5. To my icarly fans, the new iCarly episode “iBalls” is ONLINE! You can DOWNLOAD IT on Itunes. It’s Icarly vol. 5.

6. Are you dealing with job interview anxiety? I will show you how to ensure not to have it again!

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Reasons Why Men Love Bitches on Mixture of Arts

Soo, the ultimate question of the night is why men love bitches? If you know why men love bitches, then we wanna hear from you. Don’t be scared, we aint gon bite cha, I pinky promise…LOL…….sooo, comedian and radio show host Sherry Argov wrote the book , Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship. “I’m not recommending that a woman have an abrasive disposition, but “The woman I’m describing is kind yet strong. She doesn’t give up her life, and she won’t chase a man.”

First of all, I agree with her totally. I mean, so many women out here are not confortyable in their skin. And so many of us have had bad experiences with ourfathers ordont even know our father. Believe it or not…..girls need theirdaddyis as much as boys do.

Without them is like trying to find a lover that is like a father figure. Which is not gonna work, because your man can never be your daddy. In my humble opiion, women that are weak minded when it comes to dating and men are weak because of incesurties and naïve. You know exactly what I’m talking about ladies.

Sometimes we know damn well what the deal is, but we want a man so bad that we doubt our thinking and somehow allow these men to manipulate us by believing everything he says, setting ourselves short of what we really want, or another example…..telling them our whole life story before even knowing him knowing him…. Honestly, that man don’t give a damn about your sobs stories…..straight up!

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Emotional Manipulation Tactics – Do You Know on Mixture of Arts

Do you know emotional manipulation tactics? When we first start dating, the signs of a emotional manipulator are almost always unnoticable. After a while, certain emotions that we feel does not feel like our own and we tend to feel stupid, sad, or angry. Well, that is how the manipulator wants it and does not care how we feel.

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What are some emotional manipulation tactics?

1. positive reinforcement – this includes praise, too much charm, too much sympathy (crocodile tears), too much apologizing; money, approval, gifts; attention, fake laugh or smile; public recognition.

2. negative reinforcement – this includes nagging, screaming, the silent treatment, intimidation, threats, swearing, emotional blackmail, playing the guilty game,and crying.

3. intermittent or partial reinforcement – Partial or intermittent negative reinforcement canplay a part of fear and doubt.

You see, the manipulator does not care about your feelings. They will do whatever it takes to win and get over. I often wonder why they act out such behavior. It must be a self-esteem issue. Let’s talk!

5/17/2011 at 1am est……Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye

Is It Possible To Love 2 People At The Same Time?

I don’t know, but this question is tricky. What do you think? Is it possible to love 2 people at the same time?

This week” Can you be in love with 2 people and find out if you’re in love” will be good, coz so many people are experiencing this. Join us on March, 8th 2011 @ 1AM EST on Mixture of Arts.

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