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Fallon Interview

Heyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl, saytue sayewhat holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Today is actually our first segment of 2013, and if you’ve been a fan of my show, then you know last year I took a little break for a minute, but this time, I’m back in full affect every Tuesdays at 1am EST, so mark it on your calander, do what you gotta do to keep it lock every tuesdays, right here on, alright.

In case you’ve never heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the topic for tonight is on entertainment doesnt mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soly based on the entertainment niche.

With that said, if you love to be entertain, then you should definitely tuned in to the entire show.
I do have a special guest on tonight, and I’m telling you, this up and coming female emcee got madd skills. Her newest single, Occupy Pussy is making a lot of noise and I think you should get in on it if you haven’t already.

Now, I am on facebook and twitter, so follow me on facebook at and on twitter @MixtureOfArts.

Please leave your comments below on our show page, I’d love to hear your opinion about the show. Aight…..

Heyyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio…..
Can you imagine how Erykah Badu would sound flowing on a track? Crazy, right? Now, mix she and Lauryn Hill together and you got something sick. Though it’s seldom you find female artists such as them in the industry, it is even more rare to come across a true female emcee that can spit bars like Lil Kim, except portray her image like Jill Scott.

Distinctiveness is difficult to find these days, and even though many push to claim it, only a few resonate. Speaking truth and understanding of oneself does wonder in the eyes of who’s watching and paying attention. Paying attention indeed is what thousands of people are doing when they meet Fallon.
Everyone, I want to introduce to you, fallon.
Welcome fallon to mixture of arts, wass up?
1. Why did you choose Fallon as your stage name?
2. Oakay, in your opinion, what makes you so different from most female rappers?
3. Just curious, what is one word, too many female rappers use that urks you?
4. So, why Hip Hop above everything else?
5. Occupy Pussy, love the title. Why did you name it occupy pussy and what is the movement about?
6. Off your head, say a line or two of song you love from one of your favorite artist…….
7. Do you like southern music?

Fallon is to _______ like Eve is to ________________.
Who came out first? Lil Kim or Foxy? Foxy came out 1994, LIL kim 1995
Chris brown or Usher?
What was Ushers first single? Call Me A Mack – Usher Raymond (1993)
Poetic Justice Soundtrack
Rihanna or Beyonce?
Any plans for 2013?
Contact info

Listen to the show here

Empower Yourself To Succeed

Do you really want to empower yourself to succeed? If this is the case then you must be ready to stop being a wuss. hat I mean by being a wuss is you making up excuses to why you can’t be successful. Do you honestly believe that successful, rich people were always rich and successful? Heck no! The majority of them were at the bottom of the bottom and had no choice to go to the top.

Every situation is different, regardless of how you want to put it. No body’s situation is worst than their friend, because trust me, you situation can be worst. However, it is up to you to really want to change your current situation and become something more the you can imagine. I kind of sound like a motivational speaker, and honestly, this is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately after joining the Empower Network.

If you’ve never heard of the Empower Network, omg you are missing out on some valuable information, because not only do they empower you to be better, do better, and live better, but they also show you how to become successful and live your dreams.

I had the opportunity to speak to one of the Inner Circle members and I can’t explain how profound it was. Derrick Strickland explained everything about the Empower Network and how you can empower yourself to succeed.

Here is the script:

Hey wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. O, Wow! I am super excited about tonights show, because If you love taking control of your own destiny like me  or want to take control of your own financial situation, then i know for sure you will be estatic about it as well.

Now my question to you is this… Have you been wondering what the $1k Per Day and Empower Network is all about? Tonight, we will show you how Empower Network has been changing lives, opening doors for those that have never experienced success before, and finally allowing that newbie to earn and replace their incomes with the $1k per day formula. This overview will be refreshing from what you’ve heard before so make sure you join us and spread the word because this is an opportunity to experience a community that is guaranteed to alter your perception about success and your ability to accomplish all that you desire!


Tonight I will also be speaking with a good friend of mine,  Derrick Strickland about the Empower Network, how to be empowered online… especially if you need a break through from your current situation. Trust me, this midnight madness is something you do not wanna miss, coz if you know what I know, If I had an extra  one thousand dollars every single day, O man. My life will be fabulous and so stress free.

OkayIn case you’ve never heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because tonight show is on business doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soley based on the business niche… with that said if you really want to change your financial situation and want to get empowered, then you def should listen in till the end of the show. If you have any questions or comments, call in at 818-572-8026…. Also, we are on fb and twitter so if you are on fb, join us at “Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye” or if you’re on twitter follow us @MixtureOfArts and we’ll follow u back.  I’m a go head and take a fast commercial break and well be back  with the Midnight madness: how to make 1k a day with empower network. Ya;ll stay tune.

Brandy : put it down

Wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat.  Okay, folks, my good friend derrick Strickland is here with me tonight. He is a person that is very knowledgable in making money online and being empowered. He also has a family, kids, and you know what else, he is a person that use zero excuse and he gets the job done to take care of his family… this is why I deal with this guy… anyways,,, guys I wanna introduce to you Derrick Strickland. Hey derrick was up than you so much for coming on the show …..


  • 1k.. is it really possible?
  • Who is perfect for this?
  • Why do you think so many people are skeptical of making money online and with such a company as empower network?
  • How much are people really making right now?
  • And more!!!

Listen to the show and don’t forget to follow this blog.

Enter the sweet Science- Up and coming boxer Jermaine Burgess

Isn’t it weird whenever you hear celebrities talking to each other saying how they went to the same elementary school or high school together? It’s ever more surprising to realize how life changes in so many ways, so fast; it seems like yesterday.

This is no different with this week featured guest on Mixture of Arts. Even though he is not a celebrity as of yet, I can guarantee that he will be. This is the type of excitement that I get whenever I see my classmates doing great things in life. It makes me want to reach out and encourage them to live their dream.

What started out as a simple hobby to strengthen his mental discipline soon became a passion in disguise. Jermaine Burgess started out boxing in 2009. After learning the Science of Boxing (Sweet Science), everything else came natural. Training at Decatur Boxing Club in Atlanta Georgia under the world renowned trainer Xavier “Bad Pads” Biggs, this up and coming boxer is well ready for action and is making a name for him.

Tune in tonight at 1am as I interview up and coming boxer Jermaine Burgess at

Follow Jermaine at:

Let’s talk about ascention and ascending in 2012

Script: or Listen to this episode

Ascension- Are you?

What’s up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl Saytue Sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. WoW! Tonights segment is quite inspiring, because truthfully, a lot of people are going through it in 2012. You’ve probably been experiencing some weird things in your life or with your thoughts, shoot, most of us think we’re going crazy and feel like the world is changing or doesn’t feel the same. This is especially true if you’re ascending. Now, before I get into the whole concept of ascension, ascending, whatever you wanna call it, tonight we have a special guest “Ron van dyke”, he is a  iconoclast and a visionary who I met about two weeks ago on Youtube. Well, I didn’t really meet him, but I saw a few of his great youtube videos on the galethic federation of light and the ascension that is going on right now and I had to contact him about being on the show, because I’ve been experiencing some weird, but also exciting things in my life since January 2012. So, in a minute, I will put him on, but if you have any questions or comments, go ahead and call in at 818-572-8026.

Aiight folks, in case you’ve never heard of Mixture of Arts, Mixture of Arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the segment tonight is on spirituality, doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soley based upon niches about spirituality. With that said, if you are searching for answers about ascension and or interested in the ascending process, then you definitely should listen in till the end of the show.

We are on Facebook and twitter, so search for us on Facebook at “Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye” and follow us on twitter @MixtureOfArts. Also, we are on IMDB, so if you can, make sure you rate us or write a review about the show. Aiight. Kool.

Now, I’m going to take a fast commercial break and um, we’ll be right back with our guest “Ron Van Dyke discussing ascension 2012 and what are the signs.

(Sunlight Ascending song – Phyllotaxis)


Everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Ascension-Are we and the earth ascending in 2012? And what are the signs? First of all, I will start of by saying this. And, this is my personal view on this subject, and you are entitled to your own opinion, ok. I don’t know much about ascending or ascension, what I do know is that I have been experiencing so real changes in my life since January 2012.

Before January, I use to be a heavy smoker, and No, I’m not talking cigarettes, I’m referring to marijuana. I use to be very disrespectful. Not in a sense of simply being rude for no reason, but in a sense of feeling like others were being rude to me or being hipocrits regardless of age. I use to be mad all the time. I use to think nobody liked me. I use to be very selfish.

Now, A little bit before 2012. When I use to smoke, I had these real bad anxieties, I’d would feel like I couldn’t breathe. And even when I wasn’t smoking,  I had these extreme anxieties that people were trying to kill me. It was soo bad that I was afraid to watch the first 48 or movies that involved shooting or death. I was afraid to go out at night. I was afraid to let friends come over. I didn’t trust anyone.  All I watched were cartoons or Disney or nickelodeon. I couldn’t even watch the news, because that made me scared.

Now, as soon as Jan 2012c hit, I had a real bad case of Dyspnea. It was so bad that my chest felt blocked, my neck and body were stiff and were in pain, I had to take deep breaths every 10 seconds, and my anxiety was not under controlled. I felt like I was going to die. I went to the doctors that entire month. First they said I had bronchitis and gave me meds and a inhaler. Those didn’t work. My primary doctor said it was stress. I also, took a lung test, eco test and they looked at my heart, everything came out healthy and fine. They couldn’t find the cause of my shortness of breath. So, I decided to look for answers myself.

I began searching online. I mean, I felt like I was going crazy. I felt drained, extremely tired, I quit smoking weed 100%, I started looking at people differently, I felt like something was in the air that was causing all of theses things in my life. I felt like their world was going through something that I couldn’t explain to myself or others. About March, I felt a little better, but now, I slept everyday and any chance I could get. Even if I got 8 or 12 hours of sleep, I’d still be tired like I never slept for days. I didn’t want to do anything, but sleep. I quit doing my radio shows for awhile and I immediately stop doing a lot things in life that I thought were important. I just felt like I needed a break. Anything I didn’t want to do, I didn’t do, If I felt like doing it, I’d do it. I started eating healthier and everything.  There were times I felt like heaven was so close to me, that I could talk to the shy and it felt like it was listening.

Truth is, Right now, I’m less stress, I don’t worry about anything, I do what I want. I laugh more. I smile more. I even cry more than usual. I’m appreciating my family more than ever before . I just want peace. My stomach has been feeling full even when I don’t eat, for some reason. My ears hurt, I’m having these lil bumps on my face and arms, from which I don’t where its coming from. And I these lil burst of energy.

I’m still experiencing shortness of breath, but it’s not as bad as in January. I don’t know if these symptoms are exactly the ascending symptoms, all I know is that I’ve changed since January 2012. And to be honest, as a little girl, I’ve always felt good and bad spirits around me. I use to see shadows and feel like bad spirits were trying to take me.  I have always been the type that doesn’t have to pray to be protected, because I’m always protected, regardless. I’ve always felt different or like I’m an angel or something.  My parents use to think I was crazy until I told them about my sister situation, which she ended up being killed, and they realized that I wasn’t lying when I told them about what I saw or felt.  I could’ve saved my sister, and I tried, however, it was totally up to her to listen to me. I had done what I was suppose to do, which was warn her and save her 3 times.  Now, I know that there are people in this world that are here for a specific purpose and I totally feel that way about myself.


If you asked me the definition of ascending, I will prolly tell you that its a process of which a person is becoming their true self, without worrying about who is watching or judging. Ascending is a process of which you are using all of your 5 senses in a way that you don’t need to think before you do them. Ascending is a process of which a person is becoming more aware of who they are and why they are here on earth. It’s like they are in connection with the earth on a more deeper level.

Now, that I’ve told you a little bit about my experience, I want to welcome, Ron van dyke to the show, how are you Ron, thanks for coming on the show.




1. Ron, what is your thoughts on the ascending process and are many people ascending in 2012?

2. Ron, what do you think about my experience? Do you think I’m ascending or not?

3. What kind of people are chosen to ascend? Can anyone ascend?

4. Ok, I want to be clear on this, because I’m still a little confused. Is the sun really rising or is there a certain energy that is doing all of this? Or is the sun referred to as energy?

5. Do you know about 12 strans of DNA that we’re missing in our body’s? I heard we only have 6.

6. I heard the only reason why we have 6 is because aliens came erased our memory or put a chip in us. Is this true?

5. Do you think the government has anything to do with ascension?

4. Who or what is the galethic federation of light?


Below is a video that Ron created on Youtube in conjunction with the show. Great stuff!


Neo Soul Producer Boonie Mayfield

Boonie Mayfield aka Boondoc

Upon doing this particular interview, it was a pleasure having this great neo soul producer on Mixture of Arts. Below is some of the script. If you want to read the full detail bio on Boonie Mayfield, click here.


Whats up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl Saytue Sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Wow! We have an incredible show in store you guys tonight, so if you’re in bed, simply relax and get comfortable, because our feature feature of the night will definitely remove all the stress and get you groovy with the sound of his poetic slash soulful creation.  Yess ya’ll, nobody but the one and only Boonie Mayfield is right here, right now chillen on Mixture of Arts with me your girl Saytue Sayewhat. So make sure you keep tuning in and if you wanna chat live with Boonie Mayfield boon doc, you can call in at 818-572-8026.

Aiight folk, now in case you’ve never heard of Mixture of Arts, mixture of Arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the segment for tonight is on entertainment, doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts show are soley based upon entertaining niches. With that said if you love great music and wanna chill for the night, then you should definitely tune in till the end of the show.

We are on Facebook and twitter. So if you’re on Facebook. Join us at “Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye” or on twitter. If you’re on Twitter follow us @MixtureOfArts


Some questions I asked Boonie Mayfield: Listen to the full interview

I UNDERSTAND that you’re  A MAN OF MANY TALENTS. You USE TO BE A DANCER (a nice one too) WHAT MADE  you stop dancing and started doing music?

*When you first started doing music, you were SAMPLING USING A DRUM MACHINE MPC 1000 right? WHAT MADE you GO FROM SAMPLING TO CREATING ORIGINAL MUSIC?

*Everybody knows that creating beats is challenging, I mean, it’s pretty obvious because there’s not enough dope producers out here that are so call professionals. What I’m trying to ask is that, how did you know what types of equipments to use and buy as far as Audio interface and mixing boards?

*I seen on one of your videos that you started off using reasons (music software program). Why that program? Why not fruity loops and q-base.

* So now that you’re using logic, were the transitions from using reason to logic difficult?

*do you ever get frustrated ever using new equipments and programs?

* I see that you use live instruments, did you have any previous training prior.

Journalism Gigs from Mixture of Arts Radio

And The Life Poetry Competition Pt 1 Goes To- Nathan Dreggors

Last week on Mixture of Arts with Saytue Saye, we held our 1st “Life Poetry Competition” . I never knew how difficult it was finding contestants however, poetry is one of them niches that a lot of folk are into. Being that Mixture of Arts is a creative internet radio show, I really didn’t have to do to much marketing. Honestly, I have come to believe that “keywords” had a lot to do with it. (check it out here)………………..

Anyways, the show was a blast and the contestants were:

Nathan Dreggor
Chelsea Usher

All three of these gifted individuals are deep and are good at what they do. But, there can only be one winner. As I did my voting poll, a lot of viewers voted “Nathan Dreggor’ as the top poet.

So, congraduation to Nathan Dreggors for Mixture of Arts Life Poetry Competition Pt 1.

He won:

1. My Internet Marketing guide: Hoow to Get Likes and Fans on Facebook
2. Surprise cash gift
3. Feature poem on Mixture of Arts Radio
4. Feature poem on

Go ahead and read his poetic piece!


Searching: by Nathan Dreggors
My heart is broken cause people arejust too blind

To see were searching for what we maynot find

And the world is yearning for we tospeak new life

But the world keeps turning TV murdersthe mind

But the man that Learns to ascend alsolearns to fly

He’ll never fall when he is faced withstrife

Time keeps callin’ Day turns intonight

A baby crawls then gets up to walksoutside

Mother Dearest in hopes that you hearthis

I beg your forgiveness

I’m not trying to point the finger

But sometimes in the deep dept’s of mymind

This pain lingers and I’m in timeinclined to describe

that your words to me were worse

than experiencing blows by wire hangers

It’s got me leery of really reviling

my hopes and dreams within

To tell the truth I don’t want tooffend with this pen

or even when I’m recording my feelings in this booth

and leave you so torn within thatexplode through the ceiling fan

and soar flying through the roof

There’s no denying I do acknowledge whyyou continue trying

to set me on a path to college

Cause it’s so hard for a black man tomake it rappin’

Especially when the powers that be

in this government system

are only interested in your defeat,decent,

or the indecent exposure of how theytook over

decreasing our size

Pulling the wool over our eyes

They run and hide as an army with steak knives surrounds our tribes from allsides

You’ve watched the poor mans eyes cry

from workin’ over time on a nine tofive

Struggling to make it

As the very essence of his being isready to scream

from frustrations

His dreams grow unshaken

that’s the determination of burningpatience

that we got to make it

Mother I asked you the way

your answer has always been education

“Son one flip of a page can changeyour destination”

“Don’t wait, the clock gives no restoration

once past the age of youth’s preservation.”

I brushed you away and continuedtowards the block

Stone faced head harder than a rock

I know my learning process has beenhard for you to watch

Because now at 5 0’clock Fox

News is stabbing the sun

So darkness can cover your son

The gossipers claim Your daughter isnone

But bubble busting water for tongue

People so cold is a gun

Don’t let snow fall for your funds

Lets all preserve and survive

I’m talking of Walking flourishingvibes as long as strides

To raise a generation generating newFire

Keep Hope close and alive

If you do the same then so will I

Provide a parachute

Cause jumpin’ from roofs will leaveyou paralyzed

Unable to move as time takes a dive

I continue to speak of truth and seekmy roots

Before the end of scribbled signs

Can close my kindred eyes

Lord Knows this Brother tries to holdthe Holy Ghost

As them folks provoke with governmentlies and revoke

The freest mind and choke a millionmo’ po’ folks

They register and classify We asstereo types

What’s with all the hype the mediatypes

I inhale with heavy lungs

can’t wait for what will come

my soul is a beating drum

Teary eyes got some misty and ForestGump’d

Cause they working the hourly wagelacking the getting paid

Without slacking they attackingattaching mo’ taxes

Our backs bent whipped and humptydumped

From all the cracks in the system

And they are persisting to build mo prisons

To shackle you in the instance youbreak they rules that’s written

And steadily I am wishing

that more would enter the Political Kitchen

They make it hot but we can get em

if you not then brother I am willing

To march to a new cadence

I am screaming of freedom andsalvation

Let all scream of freedom andsalvation

Mother Dearest in hope that you hearthis

your words are well heard…

My heart is open cause people are justtoo blind

To see were searching for what we maynot find

And the world is yearning for we tospeak new life

But the world keeps turning TV murdersthe mind

But the man that Learns to ascend alsolearns to fly

He’ll never fall when he is faced withstrife

Time keeps callin’ Day turns intonight

A baby crawls then walks outside…

Contact Nathan on Facebook for any gigs or calaberations!

5 Day Radio Challenge- Produce Your Own Radio Show

Ever wanted to produce and host your own radio show? Well, this is your chance.

Saytue Saye, Internet Radio Producer/Host of “Mixture of Arts” is looking

for 5 students majoring in Journalism or Communications to host the show with

her for 5 Days. Each day will be a new person with a new personality. Deadline

of submission is 12/01/11.

Email your short bio (250 words max), phone number, tell us why you want this

opportunity (250 words max), copy of transcripts showing proof of major, signed copy of agreement and 2

photographs. Winner will also be featured on the Official Website!

All Featured Hosts Will:

1. Write their own scripts

2. Choose which songs to air

3. Be able to add their show to their resume

4. Choose their own show topic

BONUS: A full exclusive optimized Internet Marketing Press Kit showing your work,bio,contact info,and more that will rank on the first page of Google, resulting in more traffic to your business=$$ to your business. Watch the video and see for yourself!

Are you ready to get found online? Internet Marketing at Mixture of Arts Radio drives massive traffic to any business, even without a website while positioning the business on Google’s 1st page. This smart way of marketing your business is so effective that your customers will find you, not you finding them.

Do you want to produce your own radio show and get found online? Sure you do!

Here is an example of the Optimized Internet Marketing Press Release you will receive:


Learn more about “Mixture of Arts”:

Mixture of Arts- Monday night/Tuesday morning @1am est

Listen to Mixture of Arts Shows

(Any Gender. All Background)

Good Luck!!


Listen To 365 Live Internet Radio Show- Mixture of Arts Promo

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