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Mimi Faust from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Interview

I had the opportunity to interview Mimi Faust from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I had a lil tech issue, but it was pretty kool. Listen…




Reasons Why Men Love Bitches on Mixture of Arts

Soo, the ultimate question of the night is why men love bitches? If you know why men love bitches, then we wanna hear from you. Don’t be scared, we aint gon bite cha, I pinky promise…LOL…….sooo, comedian and radio show host Sherry Argov wrote the book , Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl-A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship. “I’m not recommending that a woman have an abrasive disposition, but “The woman I’m describing is kind yet strong. She doesn’t give up her life, and she won’t chase a man.”

First of all, I agree with her totally. I mean, so many women out here are not confortyable in their skin. And so many of us have had bad experiences with ourfathers ordont even know our father. Believe it or not…..girls need theirdaddyis as much as boys do.

Without them is like trying to find a lover that is like a father figure. Which is not gonna work, because your man can never be your daddy. In my humble opiion, women that are weak minded when it comes to dating and men are weak because of incesurties and naïve. You know exactly what I’m talking about ladies.

Sometimes we know damn well what the deal is, but we want a man so bad that we doubt our thinking and somehow allow these men to manipulate us by believing everything he says, setting ourselves short of what we really want, or another example…..telling them our whole life story before even knowing him knowing him…. Honestly, that man don’t give a damn about your sobs stories…..straight up!

Listen to this episode of Mixture of Arts

Interracial Dating & Black Men Dating White Women on Mixture of Arts

Does it matter when you see black men dating white females? You know the saying, “Once you go black, you never go back”? Unmated as it may appear, but it is all about the touching of the skin, around white females say, but what are the real reasons for black successful men geological dating white females and why do about black men choose females outside of their race?

You know something, I am not racist at all and I am definitely not a statistic of a woman getting left or cheated on with a woman other than my skin color, but honestly, I watch myself being mad at seeing interracial loving, prefferably “white females”.

I always tend to ask myself, “why is he geological dating her?” I mean, it is no coinendence when I find out that their last girlfriend or their baby momma is black.

So, why do black men go out white females?

Few black men say they feel like black females are confusion and are less likely to stick with their B.S. Now, I am far from perfect, but if a colored man was to tell me that they engagement white females because of something more than dramatic play, something more like a attraction or the way she makes him feel good about hisself, then I think that is a bertter explanation for being intimate with someone.

I turn over myself as a ride or die chick, but in my humble opioion, you can only be a ride or die chick if that man is for you, by yourside, and love you 100%. Just about men kick about us black females, but nobody genuinely understand how he is except for his girlfriend or past girfriend, because seriously, the way a person acts can be different from how he is towards his lover.

Mind you, I am a black woman, but I’ve never dated outside of my race. Even though I find about white men looking good and I have had quite a few, young and old that were interested in me, it has never crossed my mind as to ever have a real deep relationship with a man other than “black men”.

This is not to say that I will never go out outside of my race, but at least have a well thoughtout reason for you disreguarding black females for white females. Not all black females are the same, so all that confusion stuff is really a quick way out of a controversial question, I think.

On “Mixture of Arts with Saytue Sayue”, this episode will be touching on “why do black men have a relationship white females?”

In your honest opioion, why do you think black men engagement white females and what are your thoughts on interracial loving?

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