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Sylviane Nuccio Give Freelance Writing and Blogging Tips

Heyyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Wow, this week segment on the show is pretty darn exciting, simply because I have the one and only sylviane nuccio on with me tonight. Now, if you’re familiar with the internet marketing world and are into freelance writing then you’ve probably heard of her writing credibility. Now, if you are a person looking to get into freelance writing and need some help, well, sylviane is definitely the one to get the answers from. Shoot, I know I’m ready to learn some new things in this writing biz, we all wanna get paid right? If yes, today, you will get some tips on how to get started with freelance writing, how to find places that are hiring writers, some tips on how to become a great writer, and of course, more about Sylviane Nuccio.

Okay, in case you’ve never heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because the show tonight is on writing, doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soly based on the writing niche. With that said, if you love writing and love blogging as much as I do, then you should definitely tune in to the entire show.

I am on facebook and twitter, so if you’re on facebook, join me at “Mixture of arts with saytue saye” or if you’re on twitter, follow me @mixtureOfArts and I will follow you back. Also, if you are a small business or musician that want a bio written but don’t know how to write one. I offer a creative writing and internet marketing service that will get your face found on google’s first page under any keywords you want to get ranked for. Even if you just want me to drive traffic to a certain webpage or need help with seo, I do it to. Just to, fill out the form and go on from there.

Aiigh if you wanna call in the show number is 818-572-8026, I’ma go on a fast commercial break and we’ll be right back with the show of the show.


Part 2

Heyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat holding it down on, Okay folks,  As a freelance writer, she writes about any topic under the sun, creating quality content for her clients. As a life coach, she helps people understand and use their subconscious mind to work with the law of attraction in order to improve their lives, and as a blogger she blog every week on her three blogs, , and … Everyone, I want to welcome Sylviane Nuccio to Mixture of Arts.


  1. Wow! Sylviane, first of all, I just wanna say that you’re a really a terrific writer and blogger. Can you let your listeners know how you got started?
  2. 2. Did you always want to be a writer or is it just something that grew on you?
  3. Soo, I know that you were a member of the famous internet marketing school, wealthy affiliate for 4 years, right? Okay, why them and what are some of the main key points they taught you as a freelance writer and blogger.
  4. When referring to freelance writing and blogging, are they the same thing or different?
  5. What makes a successful freelance writer and what makes a successful blogger?
  6. I know that when people first start blogging, they don’t know what to blog about. What can you say about that?
  7. I’ve heard people say that you have to write everyday to get traffic. Is that true?
  8. A lot of people are struggling  to connect with their readers, why do you think that is so and how can they start? Matter of fact, answer this too, why is it important for people to connect with their readers by speaking how they speak and thinking how they think?
  9. Do you do keyword research when you’re writing?
  10. Okay, let me switch it up a bit for a minute….I heard that you use to do plays? I still can’t believe that….lol. Can you please tell us a little bit about that?
  11. So, what made you stop doing plays?
  12. I’ve seen some of your paintings too Sylviane and I just have to say that you have multiple talents and I simply want to know, what you do with them, since you don’t sell’em.
  13. Soo, if I told you I wanted to purchase one of your paintings, would you let me? lol
  14. Would you ever consider having a website with just your paintings?
  1. Okay, back to freelance and blogging. How can those people that are interested in freelance writing find freelance writing gigs?
  2. Are there some tricks in getting hire or submitting their credentials?
  3. Do you really have to be the perfect writer to start freelance writing?
  4. Should people start a blog first and then start looking for gigs?
  5. Do you feel like reading more on this topic can help or simply practicing is what really make you better?
  6. Do you have any favorite writers or bloggers? If so, who?
  7. I understand that you have your personal writing service, what topics do you write on and how can people contact you in regard to that?

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