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My name is Saytue Saye and I’m the owner of Mixture of Arts Radio and this blog. If you follow my blog, then you know I post a lot of fun stuff stuff from my radio show and also interested topics.

This topic however is on a more serious note. My sister Sylvia Saye was stabbed and killed by her ex boyfriend John Beasley on December 30, 2003. My sister did not deserve to die the way she did. She was one of the most friendly, fun, loving, respectful, caring, and unselfish person anyone can ever meet and know. Everyone loved her.

She went to college at Valdosta State for nursing. In 2001, she came home for a break and she met “John Beasley”. After that, things went downhill.

To make a long story short, she moved to Heinsville Ga to live with him, and that’s when the abuse started. She had her daughter in 2002. In October pf 2003, she came back home to her family because she was finally fed up.

He followed her. She would tell me she was scared because she knew he wanted to harm her. But you know what they say about death. You can see it coming and there is no way to stop it.

I knew he was going to hurt her, actually I was protecting her. How do I know and how did I protect her? (this requires an exclusive interview or a book). All I know is that the day before John stabbed my sister, she was protected that night he came to the house drunk and high off cocaine because of me. Actually she was protected every time I was with her, until December 30th, the first time I wasn’t with her. I feel like things happen for a reason, and it wasn’t meant for me to be there to save her, she had to save herself this time.

John ended up stabbing my sister in the face, arms, stomach, and neck. He cut her spinal cord in half at C1. She was paralysed and could not eat or breathe on her own.

She suffered for 4 months…… she died on April Fools Day 2004.

Now, 10 years later, my family and I have to attend “Victims Visitors Day”  and I’m afraid he might be getting out. And the worst thing is that her daughter lives with his sister. How crazy is that?

If you are reading this, please sign my petition to keep John Beasley in prison.

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