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I just this topic on my show.


Heyy, wass up everybody welcome back to mixture of arts with your girl saytue sayewhat, holding it down on mixture of arts radio. Hmmm, we’re going kinda deep and raw on the show tonight, and um, to all you light skinned women out there, please don’t bank me, coz I am going to keep it 100,.Our topic tonight is Do light skinned chicks fall faster and crazier than dark?, now what I mean by this is that, do light skinned women fall in love faster and do they act crazier when it’s not returned. Coz um, honestly, I feel like light skinned women have more low self esteem, than dark skinned girls. I don’t know why its like that. I often wonder why though. Its like they either thah to have to a man or they wont feel good, or they’re so obsessive and jealous that they want what they want and if they don’t or cant have it, they will go to the extreme just to get attention, but sadly, this is the wrong way to approach any relationship…. Ok ok, I’m not going to get too deep into that now,

But in case you’ve never heard of mixture of arts, mixture of arts is a creative mixture of topics and diversity of music show, so just because our show tonight is on romance, doesn’t mean that all of mixture of arts shows are soly based on romantic topic. With that said, if you love being in love or is that crazy bitch, then stay tuned till the end of the show.

I am on fb and twitter, so if youre on fb, join me at mixture of arts with saytue saye, and if youre on twitter follow me at @mixtureOfArts and I will follow u back.

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