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If it’s one thing I’m afraid of, it will have to be child kidnappers. I never was afraid of them, until I had children of my own. And even though I’ve done some real dangerous thing in my lifetime that could’ve caused me to get abducted, I’m so glad God is always blessing me.

Now, here is a story with a happy ending and apparently this child kindnapper is not smarter than a 3rd grader.

Did ya’ll hear about the 9 year old girl Calysta Cordova, who outsmarted her kidnapper last week? Her mother reported her missing on Thurday afternoon when she was 9 minutes late to come home after school.

Authoritiestrongly believe that Calysta waadbucted by 29-year-old suspect Jose Garcia when the car broke down. Someone dove them to a circle K convience store, and the little girl ran inside, asked for a phone to call her uncle and she ended up calling the police.

When Garcia entered the store, Calysta refused to go anywhere with him, yelling, “I’m not going anywhere with you. I’m waiting right here for my momma.” After that, he looked at one of the eye witnesses and ran off.

Calysta said that her strength came from her daddy. Her daddy always told her to stand up for herself.

“She had two black eyes, bruises on her cheek”. Garcia was found at a bus stop in downtown Colorado Springs, about 7.5 miles south of the convenience store where they had been dropped off.

Hip Hop TV Show- Comcast Xfinity CH. 29 Every Friday

Hip Hop TV Show- Comcast Xfinity CH. 29 Every Friday

Also, Marcus “HHTV” Gray will be a featured guest on Mixture of Arts tonight. He is the CEO and director of Hip Hop TV which is a multi-media Brand specializing in all Youth entertainment, content, lifestyle & culture. The show is based in ATL, Africa, California, NeW York, Florida, and South America. This diverse show airs on Comcast Xfinity channel 29 every Friday midnight.

Make sure you tune in at 1am tonight!

HHTVonline Tv Show – ep2 from HHTVonline on Vimeo.


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