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There are a lot of things going on in 2012, and I think you’ve already heard of a few, but the topics I’ll be mentioning tonight are my creative topics that I think might interest you.

1. As we all know, Beyonce had her duaghter Blue Ivy Carter in New York on Saturday January 7th 2012, and of course a lot of people been trying to figure out the meaning of the name Blue Ivy. Some say that Ivy indicates of the Roman nureal 4. However, according to CNN, Beyonce has said that “four” is an important number in her life, because it’s her birth date, the date of her wedding and the title of her latest album. Also, Us Weekly points out that Jay-Z has rapped about the shade being a favorite color, and a lot of folk have raised the bar between “Blue” and Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” albums. Here’s the spooky part, some say that Ivy = Illuminati’s Very Youngest Blue= Born Living Under Evil Spell It Backwards (Elub Yvi) Latin For “Lucifers Daughter”. I don’t know what ya’ll think about that, so if ya’ll wanna say something, go ahead and call in at 818-572-8026.

2. Now, the the pittburg steelers got knockout of the playoffs yesterday by the Denver broncals. The Quaterback Tim Tewbo threw for a high 316 yards and set an NFL record with 31.6 yards per completion. John 3:16 reads: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” Reason why it’s incrediable is because The quarter back routinely wrote the numbers “3:16” in black under his eyes during his collegiate year. Now fans are relating it to #faith.

3. Why do men cheat with ugly females?

4. Ok, I’m going off the subject a lil bit, but, if you love to crochet and have some items that you or someone else want to swap or sell, you should definitely go to and swap, buy or sell your stuff. I must warn you that this website if fairly new. I know how some folk are when it comes to new things. My thing is this, the other big companies that u see and on were once small businesses, and someone had to try’em out. All I’m saying is that theres not a lot of websites that allow us to auction and swap our crochet stuff, think outside the box and just try it out, aiight.

5. To my icarly fans, the new iCarly episode “iBalls” is ONLINE! You can DOWNLOAD IT on Itunes. It’s Icarly vol. 5.

6. Are you dealing with job interview anxiety? I will show you how to ensure not to have it again!

Tune in tonight at 1am EST.



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