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Authors Fiction Novels & Great Fiction Books – The Bigger Man by Aubrey Geary on Mixture of Arts.

Do you know of many great fiction writers? For me, I can probably name a few on one hand. One thing about fiction novels in my opinion is that they give the reader a place of inmagination. So what is one of favorite authors fiction novels?

Fiction novels author Aubrey Geary

Fiction novels author Aubrey Geary

If you love great fiction books, then you will definitely love fiction novel, “The Bigger Man” by Aubrey Geary.

Ÿ Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Aubrey was given for adoption at birth. Unlike most children that are adopted, Aubrey decided his past doesn’t reflect who he is is as a person that is highly motivated and believes in his true gift.

Moving around schools in his younger years, he did not graduate from High School, but he did receive an Associate of Arts degree from The Art
Institute of Atlanta in Audio Production. And it doesn’t stop there. Aubrey knew he wanted to become an entrepreneur, which led him to establish his own publishing company GearyGeorgia, LLC , founded in 2011.

Now, here comes “The Bigger Man”. Kind of sound like a novel that holds a lot of responsibility. And honestly, it makes me want to know who the bigger man is.


The Bigger Man By Aubrey Geary


In a perfect world, nobody is perfect – especially those
select few we idolize and prop upon a stainless pedestal.

29-year-old Joshua Edwards Jr. (a.k.a. J-smooth) is indulged in the prime of his single
life, with the world at his feet. He led his team all the way to the 2010 NBA
Finals in an all-star fashion. Unfortunately, he let his emotions flare in the
face of controversy – literally. One internationally televised punch puts his
lavish career in jeopardy.

When Joshua suddenly learns that he has a 12-year-old son, acceptance doesn’t come easy. The plot thickens when he unintentionally gets stuck between a rock and a hard place, and is forced to make a critical at gunpoint. Joshua can either look the other way as his biological father tastes the bitterness of Karma, or he can pay the $1,000,000 ransom!

The links amongst characters get clearer by the chapters. Tension is high and time is
running out. For better or worse, a decision has to be made. Read to see how
Joshua (a.k.a. J-smooth) becomes the bigger man.


Now if that doesn’t make you curious, I don’t know what will. Make sure ya’ll tune in on Mixture of Arts 9/6/2011 at 1am est as Saytue SayeWhat chats with fictio novel author Aubrey Geary. You don’t want to miss out on how to purchase this new fiction novel, “The Bigger Man“.


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